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more about blueMSX
Here we have details on various emulation functions blueMSX can handle. You can check what's been updated or newly added on recent update. Down below, we have listed a group of feature we believe is only available to our emulator. (Ones with unique icons.)

Here are the keys to updates.
new = Newely added functions & features updated = Update fuctions & features improved = Improved or optizimed features
what you need to run blueMSX
The performance specified below may be affected by other things like the graphics card. It may work on slower machines and it may not work on faster. The emulator runs smooth on my laptop with a 600MHz Celeron, 128MB RAM and an ATI M3 8MB viedo card.
Recommened Hardware Requirement
CPU AMD Athlon 1.4ghz or better
INTEL Pentium 4 / 1.4ghz or better
RAM 256 MB or more
OS Microsoft Windows(R) XP
OTHER AGP or PCI-E card with more than 32mb memory
Minimum Hardware Requirement
CPU Intel Pentium(R)III 600MHz or better
RAM minimum of 128 MB
OS Microsoft Windows(R) 95/98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
OTHER DirectX compatible Graphic card
DirectX compatible Sound card
general emulation
  Choice between a classic interface and the DIGIblue (official blueMSX skin) interface with visualisation of the audio outputs and more indicators about the emulated machine and virtual environment
  Tools to create new themes for the emulator layout with customisable skins
improved Plugin structure that allows to add external program (dll's) : debugger and trainer
  Multiple language support
  Turbo-R, SVI318/328 and ColecoVision support
updated Great choice of default configurations
Better memory layout emulation, including CMOS
An user friendly machine editor that allows the user to build his own configurations and to emulate specific machines
updated Extended support for different types of roms and megaroms
Improved support of all games with SRAM
new Extended printer support
  Customizable shortcuts editor : the user can remap a long list of features to keys, combinations or keys or to the joypad buttons
updated Many hotkeys for a more user-friendly emulation
Quick save feature with filenames with sequence number which makes it easy to restart emulation from an old saved state.
improved Better state save : it saves the entire state, including machine configuration, joystick and mouse configs; the saved states are zipped and backwards compatible
  Remembering of the position of the main dialogs on the screen
Better performance by disabling of the Windows screensaver and the Windows menu keys
improved More accuracy, stability and performance by implementation of the M1 additionnal waiting states, optimisation of the VDP emulation and retuning of the Z80, VDP and MSX-AUDIO timings
improved The emulator only uses as much CPU time as it needs
video related
  Supports 16 and 32 bit colour
DirectX support
Implementation of a DirectDraw Hw Acceleration driver that combines video and system memory for optimised performance
PAL video emulation with support for three modes:
    - No PAL (The only mode all MSX emulators so far provides).
    - Sharp, with or without noise
    - Blurry, with or without noise
The noise gives a more authentic feeling when running the emulator on an LCD monitor.
  Gamma / Brightness / Contrast / Saturation controls
  Horizontal and vertical stretch + slider for adaptable scanlines on all monitor modes
  Sliders for adaptable scanlines and RF Modulator effect on all monitor modes.
  Real interlace mode
Scale2x monitor emulation
improved Hq2x and Hq3x monitor emulation
  Selectable video resolution in fullscreen mode
  Autodetection of multiple video sources
improved Improved timing with excellent results in demos like Almost Real, Metal Limit, Turnix 2 and Unknown Reality
Correct overscan behaviour
  Correct specific palettes of colors (MSX1, MSX2/2+)
  Screenshot feature
sound related
  Support of the MSX-AUDIO cartridges (including the switch of the Panasonic cartridge)
improved New PSG (AY8910 SN76489 sound chips) emulation. Much better synchronization and DA emulation
  PCM emulation
  Moonsound emulation
  SCC emulation
improved FM-PAC (YM2413 sound chip) emulation
improved MSX-AUDIO (Y8950 sound chip) emulation
Mono and Stereo sound
  Advanced mixer control where the volume and pan of each sound chip can be set in realtime
Audio capture feature
new Oversampling feature enabling x8/x4/x2/x1 option on MSX-AUDIO/MSX-MUSIC and Moonsound.
file support
updated Support for various types of mappers
  Autodetecting ROM images
improved Extern rom database in 2 versions : the old text version and the new .xml format
new External cas database
Drag and drop of ROM, DSK, CAS and STA files
Registration of file types, so double clicking a file starts blueMSX files
  DIR as DSK feature
Change of multiple disk with use of a virtual FDD index and indication of the selected disk in a window
Support of 3 CAS formats : fMSX-DOS, fMSX98/AT and SVI318/328
  Saving feature for CAS files
List of the most recent roms/disks/tapes loaded
Clearing and setting of number of files in history
  Support for loading zipped ROM/DSK/CAS files. If a zip file contains multiple files, a list with the matching file type is displayed where the user can select the file to load
controls support
improved Good support of specific keyboards
  Virtual keyboard
  Keyboard Editor
improved Joystick and mouse support
blue-vDRIVE A virtual FDD (disk drive) interface allows to change between multiple disks with just one key click. Swapping between disk has never been this easy.
blueGUI Powerful graphical user interface for machine configruations that allows customization of memory and I/O devices. With blueGUI, user can create their own MSX or even emulate the true product from various vendors. Pre-configured machines are also be used, please refer to the download pagefor further information on available pre-configured machine setup.
blueDECK blueMSX supports tape media in its own unique ways. We have implemented a "set position" function to aid the use of CASfile with a ease. User can pin point to the position where loading starts without searching for a starting point of a specific program stored inside CAS file.
blueSPEED blueSPEED function is a quick way to change execution speed interactivly. You can increase or decrease the running speed without going into configuration menu. Speed changes are controlled via hotkey. With extra instant speed fast-foward function, user can run the emulator at maximum speed only while when the hotkey is pressed. Very useful function when you want to skip long intro's and loading.
blueAUDIO MSX music fans will find blueAUDIO exciting to use. blueMSX is capable of emulating major sound chips like YM-2413( MSX-MUSiC) and Y8950 (MSX-AUDIO). The new Moonsound support will guarantee further stereo experience! With the combination of the sound mixer user are provided with total audio environment.
blueAUDIO blueTV is one of the key feature of the emulator. This function provide user the freedom to choose from 6 different types of monitor emulation. User can re-create the nostalgic atmoshpere of 80's MSX with TV connection. If you're not satistfied with the crispy clear LCD output then try using one of the screen effect.

Here we have sample of the screen capture of different types of modes supported in blueTV.
TIPS: Try experimenting with TV-ouput to an actual tv with '"Noisy Composite (blurry)" mode. You'll be suprise how blueMSX is capable of simulating almost real MSX with crappy tv! ;)
Y/C separation with NOISE Composite with NOISE Adjustable SCANLINE
* The speed of the Noise effect are slowed down for demonstration purpose.