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In this section we will introduce some of the blueMSX related softwares. We welcome new projects based on blueMSX and wishes that is expands in the future. If you have a something "blue" that you would like to share with the rest of the world, please contact us, we will introduce your creation he in this page.
G2-3.mp3 by Chabinn - This is our first sound contribution from our user & fan from Asia. He have arranged this track entirely on blueMSX! You'll be surprized to hear what with the combination of PSG/SCC/MSX-MUSIC can do and the potential of MSX sound capability. It is also true that Chabinn's talent and his in-depth knowledge in SCC which brought such a amazing arrangement!! (Thanks to you Chabinn~)

RedMSX The first blueMSX clone:) It is based of blueMSX 1.0.5 but the zip file support differs..
It's created by our friend/supporter SLotman who have helped us with developement.

blueMSXbox blueMSX port to XBOX. It is based on v1.4.0.
Has a original feature of its own. Now you can play your favorite MSX games on console machine!
special thanks to
In the table below you will find links to other MSX emulators. The comments are my personal. You can find a comparison article at MSX Resource Foundation.

There are more MSX emulator available but these are the ones that has more chance of running software you like to use. All have pros and cons so it is hard to say which one is the best. (That's your call!)

It' always cool to have a choice and you should find what suits you best.
MSXPlayer MSXPlayer is an official emulator created by MSX Association which is bundled with there MSX Magazine publication. Currently supporting MSX up to turbo-R and some original features like MSX GAMEREADER and it also reads from a real floppydrive.
openMSX openMSX is an open source emulator aiming for accuracy. The emulator can be configured in great detail but provides configurations for most MSX machines. The emulator is released only with C-BIOS which is a free alternative to the copyrighted system roms used by most other emulators. openMSX has only a command line interface but it comes a frontend GUI called Catapult that provides a graphical interface for the most common features.
paraMSX paraMSX is an emulator derived from fMSX but many aspects of the emulation is improved, especially the audio part. But also the video emulation has many improvments with better timing and support for more VDP features. The user interface is front-end style and is simple and easy to use. paraMSX does not support Turbo-R yet.
NLMSX NLMSX has been the preferred emulator for many users but the develoment has slowed down and it is falling behind. The emulation is not as accurate as openMSX, blueMSX or paraMSX but the audio emulation is very good. One year ago, this emulator was probably the best MSX emulator but now other emulators have caught up and passed.
RuMSX RuMSX emulates MSX, MSX2, MSX2+ and MSX Turbo R. It comes with good GUI but the audio emulation is not the best.
fMSX fMSX is the father of most emulators existing today. It is still being updated but the emulation is not as accurate as the emulators mentioned above, especially the audio emulation which only provides emulation for the more basic sound chips. The good thing with this emulator is that it uses less CPU resources than other modern emulators. The emulator is also ported to many different host computers, most interesting is probably the Symbian port for the Nokia S60 cell phone.
MESS MESS emulates over one hundred different computers and has a decent MSX emulation as well. The MSX emulation is managed by one of the MSX gurus in the MSX community but is not updated that frequently.
BRMSX An Brazillian MSX emulator.
fMSXt Another emulator derived from fMSX and comes with nice GUI. It support up to MSX2+ and has most basic features. Unfortunately the software has not been update for quite a while and hope the author would continue the developement as it seems to have a lot of potencial.
MSX-MBox MSX-MBox is a frontend for emulators like blueMSX, NLMSX, FMSX-DOS, and FMSX-SDL. It has a friendly GUI designed for game players and easy installationl. The package comes with emulators and hundreds of games.